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We aim to provide our customers with added value by means of lease structures that best match our customers – and potential customers – requirements and situations. We believe that leasing is the best way to finance business assets, and actively encourage business people and businesses to be aware of the attractiveness of the leasing option.

To continue to strengthen our position in the Netherlands and win a sizeable share of the European market. We are concentrating on several strategic cornerstones:

  1. Every client is a promoter: In everything we do, we constantly think about the wishes and needs of our customers. This means asking our clients frequently about their opinions of our services and new developments.
  2. Dedicated professionals: Our many years of experience have made us experts in equipment leasing. To serve our customers even better, to be able to offer the keenest rates and to stay ahead of our competitors, we must continue to develop our knowledge of equipment leasing. Ways in which we are doing this include setting up a specialist knowledge team tasked solely with developing the asset management strategy. We have also created the Lease Academy, which draws on all the expertise within ABN AMRO Lease and works to improve awareness of leasing in the marketplace.
  3. By continuing to develop our partnership with our colleague’s from ABN AMRO, we can serve our customers faster and better when it comes to equipment finance. In combination with our strategic cornerstones, this enables us to pursue sustainable growth.