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The road to recovery

21 October

The great 2020 lockdown has ravaged the economy. Unprecedented support from government and lenders has kept many businesses afloat. But there are still tough times ahead, says Andrew Thompson, Head of Risk at ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance UK. To get through them, you need a realistic assessment of where you are; a clear plan that factors in ongoing uncertainties; and open engagement with partners eager to help.

Spotlight On; Simon Womersley

13 October

'Spotlight On' is the platform where you can get to know some of the members of our team. Each edition looks at the biggest value-add each role brings to clients, what's the best thing about working for ABN AMRO and answers to a number of personal questions. This week the focus is on Simon Womersley, Relationship Manager of ABN AMRO Lease UK.

Misuse of name

23 September

We have been made aware that a clone firm "ABN AMRO Private Bank" is contacting consumers in the UK with “too-good-to-be-true” investment promotions.This clone firm is attempting to appear legitimate by using the name, logo and FCA registration number of ABN AMRO Bank NV.

Build back better: investing after Coronavirus

23 July

The economic and health impacts of Covid-19 have been devastating. But as Europe works out how to re-open its societies after lockdown, many are asking: how do we rebuild our businesses and economies in more sustainable ways?
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