United Kingdom


There have been a number of developments created to support our colleagues. This was started with the Go and Open Space Hour (GOSH), which is a dedicated hour in the day where we encourage everyone to stop calls, meetings, messages and email. This allows us all to have space to invest in ourselves in any way that is valuable. We have seen people take up hobbies, spend more time with family, read and go on a run. By popular demand this was moved from a pilot to a formal part of the working day in Q1, 2021.

In the first few months we partnered with VIRGIN PULSE to encourage physical exercise. Within this we created a Steps Challenge, where international teams of colleagues, over 300 in all, "competed" to travel around the world. This not only encouraged us to step outside more to get fit, but also created a great collaboration opportunity when we needed it the most. We will be looking to build on these initiatives and have developed a Wellbeing Team to engage with colleagues on what opportunities they would like to see and take advantage of.