United Kingdom

Coronavirus update

These are unprecedented times and we find ourselves in an exceptional situation affecting all facets of society and it is unclear how long this will continue. This is a difficult time for entrepreneurs and businesses and some sectors are hit hard. At ABN AMRO we are doing everything in our power to support our clients, partners and businesses alike. We know this is a challenging time for you, your customers and your families and we remain committed in our mission to support you.

What measures will we as ABN AMRO Lease take for our clients who face problems due to the Coronavirus?

For clients and businesses affected by the Coronavirus, ABN AMRO Lease are investigating all possibilities to support you during this time. For additional information please contact your Relationship Director.

What measures have we taken to stop the spreading of the Coronavirus?

To reduce the risk of the Coronavirus spreading and help ensure continuity of our service, we have reduced team presence at our offices and increased remote working. Rest assured that the necessary tools are in place to ensure continued, smooth operation of facilities and our service levels

Where else can businesses go with questions about how to act in situations related to the coronavirus?

Businesses can find general information from the UK government here. UK Finance has also created a guide ‘Let’s talk business – Covid-19’ as a starting point for businesses looking for assistance. More information can be found here. Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) members can also access information through their website here.