Ballast Phoenix

Ballast Phoenix is a leading service provider to energy-from-waste (EfW) plants, recovering useful product from residual ash. Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) produced from municipal solid waste in EfW plants is processed by Ballast Phoenix. The outcome results in recycled metals and aggregate which are sold on for re-use.

The Challenge

As part of the circular economy (reduce, reuse, recycle) waste business, Ballast Phoenix works alongside a number of EfW plants across multiple locations in England. Ballast Phoenix opened its first plant in 1989, as a start up in a new sector. As the business expanded its operations a flexible funding solution was needed to fund growth arising from new IBA processing contracts with the requirement to build new processing plants.

The Solution

Ballast Phoenix was first introduced to ABN AMRO Lease in 2014. ABN AMRO Lease was able to provide a suitable £20m Hire Purchase agreement which funds up to 100% of the assets across 8 Ballast Phoenix processing plants.


Matthew Turner, Financial and Business Director at Ballast Phoenix says: “We are pleased to have partnered with ABN AMRO Lease. The team have been extremely professional and service oriented, providing us with a funding solution that supports our growing needs.”

The funding has enabled continued growth over the years, resulting in a sustainable waste management system that has a positive environmental footprint. Moving forward Ballast Phoenix will continue to work with their EfW partners to support the circular economy, ensuring that the processing plants are flexible enough to support the ever changing waste stream generated by society.