United Kingdom

Specialist Aviation Services Ltd

ABN AMRO Bank Netherlands approached us with the question if we could help out with the financing of helicopters. Following this request, we contacted the shareholder, which resulted in an appointment. We spoke with the management in the UK and were initiated into the world of operating and maintaining ambulance and police helicopters. They wanted to know whether we wanted to finance two helicopters, one of which was leased at the time and one that was being purchased.

Our solution

We leased/financed both helicopters at an attractive LTV (loan-to-value) via a financial mortgage lease. We fully adjusted the financing to cash flows from operating activities, including a residual amount suitable to the lifetime of such assets. In drawing up the documentation, we were supported by our UK attorney, who helps us to develop ideas for our client approach.

After this initial deal, we did a second one for the purchase of an additional two helicopters.

Naturally, we will continue to be involved in potential future investments as well.

About Specialist Aviation Services Ltd.

Specialist Aviation Services (SAS) and its subsidiaries operate in Emergency Services markets through the supply of helicopters, maintenance, pilots, training and equipment modifications. Their clients are police and air ambulance organisations throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. In 2014, SAS will have been in business for 30 years. The company was the first to enter the police helicopter market in the UK and was therefore instrumental in developing this service. Moving into air ambulance operations was a logical step, as the sectors share many similar characteristics from an operational point of view. The company has since expanded into specialist utility markets, including supporting the servicing of lighthouses on the English coast, and aims to increase its activities in this area. The company owns an expanding fleet of 11 modern light twin-engine helicopters and operates and services over 40 helicopters and aircraft in its markets.