Van Elle Ltd 

The challenge

Van Elle Ltd is operating in a sector that is influenced by economic fluctuations and government spending patterns. “Following the governments’ planned investment in the UK’s infrastructure sector, we knew that now was the time to invest in our future capabilities and enable us to be competitive and meet the demand for our services”, explains Paul Pearson Group Finance Director of Van Elle Limited. “This created a need for a new financing solution for us and at this opportune moment we were introduced to ABN AMRO Lease UK.”

The solution

Van Elle Ltd was already a customer of ABN AMRO Commercial Finance and at the time they were looking for a new financing solution to support their expansion requirements. “Our contact at Commercial Finance introduced us to ABN AMRO Lease UK”, continues Pearson. “ABN AMRO Lease had just opened its doors in the UK, and we felt this was ideal timing for us to do business with them. They offered very competitive rates and attractive facility terms which was one of the main driving factors from the outset. We found they differentiated themselves by offering 100% financing on a fully committed facility where competitors tended to offer a lower percentage with an initial deposit which can impact cash flow in the short term.”

ABN AMRO Lease UK initially funded 3 Putzmeister concrete pumps in October of 2014. Now Van Elle Limited has a leasing portfolio of 16 assets including the world’s first Hutte 207MP Restricted Access Drilling Rig.

Paul Pearson anticipates that Van Elle will continue to grow their portfolio over the next year with ABN AMRO Lease UK, especially with their targeted growth in the rail sector and the burgeoning new housing market on the back of the governments ‘Help to Buy Scheme’.

Experience of working with ABN AMRO Lease

Paul Pearson sums up his experience with ABN AMRO Lease with three words: professional, understanding and flexible.

“ABN AMRO Lease UK provided the opportunity to finance the purchase of specialist plant and vehicles to meet demand for our services and enable us to continue to be competitive.”

“The Relationship Team visited our premises so that they could really understand our business and our needs, and in so doing, have delivered a thoroughly professional service, offering flexible financing arrangements to facilitate our expansion and growth”, Paul Pearson, the Group Finance Director of Van Elle Limited.

About Van Elle Limited

Based in Nottingham, Van Elle Limited was founded by Michael Ellis in 1984. Over the past 30 years they have established a reputation for delivering a high quality service offering a ‘total foundation solution’ approach to their customers in the Drilling and Piling sectors.

The name and branding of Van Elle Limited was influenced by the proven and trusted Dutch reputation in the geotechnical market . This provided a foothold for Van Elle to build a comprehensive portfolio of geotechnical solutions resulting in them being today’s largest independent owned ground engineering contractor in the UK. This success was recognised amongst their peers when Van Elle won the contractor of the year award at the 2015 ground engineering awards ceremony.