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ABN AMRO Lease makes senior industry appointment for its UK branch


News - 26 January 2016

ABN AMRO Lease announces the appointment of Richard de Keijzer in the role of Managing Director for its UK branch.

Frank Stienstra, CEO of ABN AMRO Lease, commented: ‘The UK is an important market for ABN AMRO Lease. With his extensive and broad experience in various positions I am very confident that Richard, together with his team, will contribute positively to the overall international strategy of ABN AMRO Lease and ABN AMRO Bank’.

Richard de Keijzer has been at the forefront of the international activities of ABN AMRO Lease for years. First as Program Manager International followed by his roles as Sales Director and Managing Director a.i. for the UK. Prior to that, he has enjoyed a successful track record within ABN AMRO Bank in various commercial and managerial positions within Corporate Banking (Trade & Commodity Finance, Commercial Banking, Sector Advisory) over a period of 14 years.

ABN AMRO Lease delivers asset-based solutions (i.e. equipment lease) to SME’s, a broad range of national and international operating corporates and the public sector. ABN AMRO Lease is active in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium and employs 233 staff.