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Supporting sustainability with Han Hydromotive


News - 09 July 2018

Sustainability is a big part of ABN AMRO and since 2016 ABN AMRO Lease has been sponsoring the HAN Hydromotive team as they take part in the Shell Eco-marathon.

We are really pleased to have attended the Make The Future Live event on the 5th of July. The event, hosted at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, is a four-day festival that explores solutions to the energy crisis and the development of sustainable technology.

The event features the Eco-Marathon, an exciting initiative which challenges student teams from around the world to push the boundaries of what’s possible and create ultra-energy-efficient vehicles. Teams design, build, test and drive these vehicles in a series of challenges including an on track competition to see who can travel the farthest on the least amount of energy.

The HAN Hydromotive team is made up of students from the automotive program at the University of Applied science in Arnhem and Nijmegen in the Netherlands. They created the Accelerator III, a hydrogen run vehicle that produces no harmful emissions. Two years ago they travelled 570km on just 1 litre of hydrogen and hope to improve the vehicle for future attempts.

Steve Laws, Lease Relationship Director for the Specialist Asset Finance Team in the UK explains how the Han Hydromotive vehicle technology overlaps with the new Transport for London buses we are financing. “It uses hydrogen fuel cells and regenerative breaking storing energy in ultra-capacitors. We have seen new London buses with ultra caps recently and understanding the equipment is essential to our operating lease capability. The battery vehicle class at the Eco-marathon showed how effective this form of electric propulsion can be, as we have seen with the fully electric London buses.”