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Leasing Is Booming!


News - 16 October 2018

Leasing is booming! This is simply due to the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. Are you ready to contribute to a sustainable future?

Leasing is the future

Leasing is the future. This became crystal clear at the annual Leaseurope meeting in Venice, the leading leasing conference in Europe. A panel consisting of four CEO’s spoke about various aspects of the leasing world. Among them was Miranda Stokkingreef, CEO of ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance. She shared her vision on the future of leasing. Transformation to a circular economy "For our future and the future of our kids, the leasing-industry must play an important role in the transformation from a linear economy to a circular economy," says Stokkingreef.


Are leasing companies able to help customers making their business more sustainable? The answer from Stokkingreef: yes. "This includes pro-actively supporting clients in the transformation to more sustainable business models and facilitating clients in finding solutions to finance assets."


This transformation is easier than you think. So stop dreaming about sustainability and start being sustainable! We are happy to help you.