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ABN AMRO Lease scores in MT1000


News - 18 December 2019

ABN AMRO Lease achieved a great result in the annual ranking of MT1000. Thanks to the maximum score in different fields, like customer focus and quality, ABN AMRO Lease became second in the category 'equipment lease'.

In addition to customer focus, ABN AMRO Lease also scores a maximum of five stars in terms of product leadership and quality of execution. As far as NPS is concerned, Lease even ranks fifth in the ranking!


Every year since 2001, the Management Team has been investigating the quality and popularity of financial services providers, the MT1000. It is the largest survey among business decision makers on the quality and popularity of business service providers in the Netherlands.


A panel of decision makers was invited to share their experiences. A total of 5,178 respondents rated 2,002 different companies. Only companies with which they had had business contact in the last three years could be judged. Experiences, not just reputations, form the basis for the MT1000. The companies that lead the rankings are not only very well appreciated by their customers, there are also relatively many customers who choose these companies.

ABN AMRO Commercial Finance wins MT1000 Award

Not only ABN AMRO Lease scored well in the MT1000 ranking. ABN AMRO Commercial Finance is also doing very well. Respondents were asked how likely it is that they would recommend this service provider to a friend or colleague. They were then asked about their appreciation in the areas of customer focus, product leadership and quality of execution. ABN AMRO Commercial Finance scored a maximum of five stars on the last three. That resulted in a first place in the category 'credit management, factoring & collection'.

A great result for ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance!