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ABN AMRO Lease unveils new hydrogen car HAN Hydromotive


News - 11 June 2019

For months, students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem have worked hard on the HM10, the vehicle in which they will participate in the Shell Eco-Marathon. As the main sponsor, ABN AMRO Lease had the honour to unveil this showpiece.

It was up to Floor Oliemans and Mark Goedmakers from our Utrecht office to unveil the HM10, which only runs on hydrogen, on behalf of ABN AMRO Lease. "It is an honour to present such a technical tour de force to the world", says Goedmakers. "The students have put blood, sweat and tears into this project. It's incredible what they've managed to do in this short period of time. All of them are pioneers in the field of sustainability, a subject that is highly valued by ABN AMRO Lease. We are proud of the team and hope that they will achieve a great result during the Shell Eco-Marathon."


The Shell Eco-Marathon is all about efficiency. The participants have to travel as far as possible with as little fuel as possible. The team with the lowest consumption wins. So speed doesn't matter: "With the current powertrain we want to achieve a fuel consumption converted to petrol of 1 by 800 km. We try to achieve this by making the driving resistance as low as possible. Think of rolling resistance and air resistance", says David Osterman from HAN Hydromotive.

From left to right: Jelmer de Jong (HAN Hydromotive), David Osterman (HAN Hydromotive), Floor Oliemans (ABN AMRO Lease), Mark Goedmakers (ABN AMRO Lease)

The Challenge

HAN Hydromotive will compete in the 'Urban Concept Class' category during the Shell Eco-Marathon, which means that the vehicle must also be able to drive on the road. For example, the HM10 has two doors, the car excluding the driver is allowed to weigh only 225 kilos and the vehicle must be driven at a minimum average speed of 35 kilometers per hour during the race. These are just a few of the conditions of the 48-page regulation.

Shell Eco-Marathon 2019

From the 2nd to the 5th of July, the HAN Hydromotive team will compete against more than 160 teams from 25 different countries.  The race will take place at the Mercedes-Benz circuit in London.

We wish the 17 students of HAN Hydromotive and Commercial Supervisor Selma van Loon good luck!