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Miranda Stokkingreef looks ahead


News - 15 March 2019

Miranda Stokkingreef, CEO of ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance, looks ahead in an interview with World Leasing Yearbook.

Stronger together
Miranda talks to World Leasing Yearbook about ABN AMRO’s decision to merge ABN AMRO Lease N.V. and ABN AMRO Commercial Finance N.V. into AMRO Asset Based Finance N.V., a 100% subsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank N.V. She discusses the rationale behind the merger, all with our clients front of mind.

Stokkingreef explains that the merger offers opportunities to provide our clients with wider range of Asset Based Finance solutions. Knowledge transfer across teams and expertise also play a major role in optimising the customer experience and accelerating our growth strategy. The strategy has a strong focus on the needs of customers and their growing preference for digital services.

Digitalisation challenges the industry to redefine their way of work to deliver scalable products and services to meet our clients’ expectations. Stokkingreef therefore expects an increase in online competition in the financial sector in the next five years. This means that current players have to innovate, and according to Stokkingreef that is not a bad thing.

World Leasing Yearbook
Curious about the full interview with Miranda? You can find out more in the 40th edition of the World Leasing Yearbook. In it, the CEO talks about growth, developments such as artificial intelligence, challenges the sector faces and gives her vision for the next ten years.

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