Supporting HAN Hydromotive at the Shell Eco-Marathon Mileage Challenge


News - 07 August 2019

Shell Eco-Marathon Europe is an initiative which challenges student teams from Europe and Africa to compete in an annual racing competition with energy-efficient vehicles designed by themselves. ABN AMRO Lease is the main sponsor of HAN Hydromotive, a team led by engineering students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem, Netherlands.

The competition was held at the Mercedes-Benz circuit in London and gathered more than 160 teams from 25 countries. The Shell Eco-Marathon Mileage allows teams to participate in two different vehicle classes: the UrbanConcept and the Prototype. The HAN Hydromotive team participated with its HM10 vehicle in the UrbanConcept. The design and development of this vehicle class adheres to conditions which simulate a real world scenario – meaning the vehicle could drive on the road.

Shell Eco-marathon: the challenge

Sustainability is at the heart of this challenge. The Shell Eco-Marathon is not about speed, but efficiency. Participants must drive as far as possible with the smallest amount of fuel. ABN AMRO Lease recognizes the importance of this type of initiative and since 2016 has been the official sponsor of HAN Hydromotive. “Initiatives such as the Eco-Marathon stimulate the future of sustainable engineering. The sponsorship of ABN AMRO Lease gives power to this message. With this type of collaborations the world sees that sustainability deserves more attention”, remarked David Osterman, Public Relations manager for HAN Hydromotive.

DriversWorld Championship 

In the first race, HAN Hydromotive broke their own hydrogen consumption record and ended third, which gave them the opportunity to qualify for the Drivers’ World Championship (DWC). The DWC is a race reserved for the world’s best UrbanConcept vehicles, which compete to see who the fastest energy-efficient driver is. Despite the handicap of starting the second race in 9th position, the HM10 ended 7th, a result that brought great satisfaction to the team.

Sustainability, a cornerstone for ABN AMRO Lease

A key focus for ABN AMRO is the financing of sustainable assets and projects, which supports our clients’ shift towards a more sustainable future. The sponsorship of HAN Hydromotive is aligned to this vision. By 2020, ABN AMRO Bank aims to have reduced CO2 emissions by a minimum of 1 million tons, as well as having financed at least 100 circular loans and 1 billion euros in circular assets.