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Spotlight on: Robert Jones


News - 30 June 2020

'Spotlight On' is the platform where you can get to know some of the members of our team. Each edition looks at the biggest value-add each role brings to clients, what's the best thing about working for ABN AMRO and answers to a number of personal questions. This week the focus is on Robert Jones, Relationship Manager - Midlands of ABN AMRO Lease UK.

When did you join ABN AMRO Lease?
I joined ABN AMRO Lease in June 2016. Prior to that I had a similar role at Lombard for six years. Before that I was with Mercedes-Benz Finance for 13 years, the last seven years as General Manager/Sales Director leading a sales team funding Commercial Vehicles. I started in the asset finance industry with North West Securities on 11th February 1980, so have served the industry for over 40 years now! I have worked through many things including a couple of painful recessions and a financial crisis, but the current Coronavirus crisis is potentially by far the most challenging situation I have seen our industry and the business world in general face globally. We will get through it and emerge stronger!

Describe your role at ABN AMRO Lease…
As my job title suggests, I manage the relationship between ABN AMRO Lease and our customers, introducers and suppliers on a day to day basis. That literally covers every aspect from business development through to potential contract in-life issues and liaising with my very able colleagues behind the scenes to try to make ABN AMRO the asset funder of choice.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
Getting the deal done and helping businesses develop and grow is the most enjoyable part of the job. After 40 years there are many businesses that I have dealt with that have successfully navigated their way through tough times and prospered. It’s great to see a business that I have worked with at some point over the years succeed.

What’s the biggest value-add your role brings to clients?
Over the years I have learnt to become more consultative through asking customers questions about their business and helping them find the most appropriate funding route for essential assets. Being able to utilise lessons learned from previous customers’ successes and challenging experiences allows me to suggest solutions for current and new customers that they may not have yet considered.

What's the best way to start the work week?
Pre lockdown, the best way to start the week was for it to follow a great weekend with family and friends!
I tend to complete a “To Do” list on Friday afternoon and review it on a Monday morning to get me back into focus of what needs to be done in the week ahead.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to play golf, walk our Border Terrier - Alfie, work in the garden or house, ride my motorbike and am looking forward to socialising with family and friends again – especially going for a pint of good real ale at our local pub, which we can walk to and stagger back from!

What is on your bucket list?
My bucket list includes doing things in the UK that I intended to do, but just haven’t got around to yet, like walking up/down Snowden, seeing Loch Ness, visiting Nelson’s ship HMS Victory, seeing the Marie Rose. I would also like to improve my photography skills and take some great wildlife pictures. The big ones are: to go on an African Safari and visit New Zealand – I have friends there who tell me how fantastic it is!

What was your dream job as a child?
Growing up I always had animals close and worked on livestock farms, so my dream job was to be a vet. I would have also loved to have had the opportunity to have my own dairy farm.

What makes your heart beat faster?
There is no doubt that riding just a little bit too quick on a motorbike gets the adrenalin pumping. I’m getting too old for it now. I am very proud that my kids have grown up to be “nice people”. Seeing their successes like getting a 1st class degree, or their first job in the subject they have their degree in is better than going fast on a bike though (well close anyway!).

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