2021 Customer Satisfaction results


News - 14 December 2021

Our yearly Customer Satisfaction Research gathers detailed feedback from ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance clients across our four countries and two business lines (Lease and Commercial Finance). The output and results helps us to understand their goals and open up space for them to succeed.

Listening to our clients' needs and ambitions is at the core of our mission and drives highly valued continuous improvement.

At ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance, understanding our customers´ visions and needs is fundamental in providing them with the excellent service we believe they deserve.

We aim to open up space for success through a long-term partnership approach, based on robust industry knowledge and asset based expertise.

833 customers from across France, Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlands participated in the research. Our respondents had the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience covering many topics, amongst them their relationship manager, the customer portal and the quality of the funding solutions provided.

Each response received triggered a donation from us to our chosen charity, Land Life Company - reaching a record total of €10,000!

Take a look at our infographic below to learn more about the main insights from our 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey. Please click here to see the infographic in full resolution.