ABN AMRO commit to sustainability in partnership with Land Life Company


News - 22 September 2022

Recent events have shown that climate issues and sustainable development goals continue to be a 'hot' topic. At ABN AMRO, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. We actively look to support businesses with a sustainable focus. Our broad range of flexible funding solutions enables us to support our clients’ shift to sustainability. 

A long-term partnership with Land Life Company

As part of our commitment to “Banking for better, for generations to come”, ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance* has signed a long-term partnership with Land Life Company in their quest to restore the world's two billion hectares of degraded land.

Each year we ask our clients to participate in our Customer Satisfaction Survey. For each response received, we donate to Land Life Company.

Reforesting the buffer zone of the Monarch Butterfly Reserve

This year, we decided to support the Monarch Butterfly Reserve project in Mexico. This project is focused on restoring the migratory route for the endangered Monarch butterfly. Reforestation efforts are needed there to strengthen the Monarch corridor, to build critical habitat for a butterfly that flies 4,000 kilometres from Canada to Mexico. 

As part of this, we have already granted €10k to Land Life Company in 2022 and have planted 3,600 trees - 362 tons of CO2 sequestration over the next 40 years and close to 4 hectares of restored land to date.

Positive impacts on biodiversity and local communities

To maximize the long-term impact of the project, Land Life Company works together with the local communities that rely on the forest.

Aside from reducing carbon from the atmosphere, these projects are key contributors in restoring local biodiversity, capturing and storing rainwater, and providing shelter to wildlife. The renewed interest in forestry also creates employment opportunities for local communities. Overall, these reforestation projects and associated activities demonstrate the significant impacts of the work Land Life Company is doing in these areas.

Our commitment to sustainability

As a business, you need the right funding, from the right partner to stay future-proof. One that will understand both the challenges and opportunities along your growth journey and along the global shift to sustainability.

Our asset-based finance solutions will ensure you’ll stay competitive in this fast-changing world. As a partner for growth and with our sector and asset expertise, we will make the transition together. Find out more here. 


*About ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance

ABN AMRO Commercial Finance and ABN AMRO Lease are trading names of ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance N.V. Together they are leading provider of cross border Asset Based Lending and Leasing finance solutions, operating in the UK, Netherlands, France and Germany. They offer a range of business funding solutions and specialise in refinancing or recapitalisation, acquisition finance, asset based finance and financing growth.