ABN AMRO is committed to advancing equal opportunities for all


News - 01 June 2022

At ABN AMRO we are committed to advancing equal opportunities for all. Because we believe that everyone, regardless of their background, beliefs or preferences, is entitled to it. 

Each of us should have an equal voice and perspective, and have the same chances as the person next to us, to succeed. We understand that diversity leads to higher performance and we aim to hire and develop a diverse group of talented people who find ways to serve our clients better by using their range of experiences and skill-set.

Diversity and Inclusion at ABN AMRO

We also know that a diverse workforce that reflects the societies that we serve, is more innovative, engaging, creative and productive. This is an environment we all want to work within, so we are working hard to ensure that we operate in a diverse and inclusive way in everything we do.

Talent has no limits

We strive to create a work environment where diversity is a core part of the culture. Our customers appreciate the inclusive service we increasingly offer, which ties in with their personal goals and values. By connecting with others, we can strengthen the social movement towards diversity.

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