United Kingdom

What does ABN AMRO use your personal data for?

We may use your personal data for other purposes than the purpose for which you or your business supplied the personal data to us. In that case, the new purpose must be in line with the purpose for which you or your business initially provided your personal data to us. The law refers to this principle as compatible use of personal data. The law does not specify exactly when a use is compatible, although it does provide guidance.

  • Is there a clear correlation with the purpose for which you initially provided the personal data? Is the new purpose appropriate to the initial purpose?
  • How did we originally receive the personal data? Did we obtain the personal data directly from you or in another way?
  • What kind of personal data are we talking about exactly? Is the personal data in question considered sensitive to a greater or lesser degree?
  • How would you be affected? Would you benefit, suffer or neither?

What can we do to ensure the highest possible level of protection for your personal data? Examples include anonymisation and encryption.