United Kingdom

What does ABN AMRO use your personal data for?

We use your personal data to help make our operations and our services as effective, reliable and efficient as possible. This is done for the following purposes:

  1. Contract. We enter into contracts with the business you represent or are related to and perform these contracts. We use this information for assessing and accepting clients, carrying out financial (including credit) risk assessments, risk reporting and risk management, as well as carrying out payment transfers. If we do not have the relevant personal data to verify the structure of the company, we cannot offer your company our products. We may also use personal data to trace debtors and recover debt.

  2. Research. Within ABN AMRO, we study possible trends, problems, root causes of errors and risks, for instance to check whether new rules are properly observed. This helps us prevent complaints and losses. We also perform analyses with respect to personal data for statistical and scientific research.

  3. .Better or new products and services. Do our products still meet your wishes and expectations? We carry out research in this area and may use your personal data to do this. We study trends and use personal data with the aim of analysing and continuing to develop our products and services.

  4. Marketing. You receive offers from us and other members of the ABN AMRO Group, and news that is appropriate for your business. In this context, we use personal data that we received from you or your business, for instance because you requested information in the past or because your business is already a client of ours. We may also make use of personal data that we obtained from other parties.

  5. Security and the integrity of ABN AMRO and our sector and compliance with legal obligations. We are required to guarantee the security and integrity of the financial sector, ABN AMRO, our employees, our clients and related individuals.. We may therefore use your personal data to prevent or combat attempted or actual criminal acts, such as fraud or terrorism.

  6. Social responsibility and legal obligations. Given the nature of our business, we play a key role in society. We help to prevent terrorist financing, money laundering and fraud, for instance by reporting unusual transactions or by identifying and stopping potentially fraudulent transactions and verifying transactions with you if necessary. We are also required to know our customers and carry out checks on their identity and structure. For businesses, this includes obtaining personal information on Partners, Directors, Beneficial Owners, Persons with Significant Control, Guarantors, Directors of Associated Businesses and Directors of any Intermediaries. This helps us to understand your business better, and to protect the financial sector, ABN AMRO, our employees, our clients and related individuals from attempted or actual criminal acts. Public authorities also ask us to provide personal data when they investigate problems or suspected criminal offences. In this context, we check whether it is a legitimate request. The banking and financial sector is a highly regulated industry. This means we have to comply with many rules. Besides European and UK rules, these rules also include the laws of other countries. ABN AMRO must therefore also record and keep personal data for this purpose, and sometimes also provide personal data to the competent authorities. We always check first whether this is permitted.

Additional rules apply to special categories of personal data. Where we require any such information we will confirm to you the purpose for which this is required and will request your consent where consent is required.