The road to sustainability

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Together we finance the future

To stay future-proof, you need the right funding, from the right partner. One that will understand both the challenges and opportunities along your growth journey and along the global shift to sustainability.

We believe that all our clients will be affected by the transition to sustainability in one way or another in the years ahead. The transition within the Energy, Mobility and Digital themes are particularly seen as mega trends for businesses in Europe. At ABN AMRO, we have identified these themes as important to help shape the future and our ambition is to build our focus and expertise in these areas. We want to open up space for success in these transitions towards sustainability as part of our commitment: Banking for better, for generations to come.

Sustainable Solutions

Leasing can play a part here. It opens up space for you to make an immediate and tangible investment, without a huge capital outlay, in green initiatives.

Our asset-based finance solutions will ensure you’ll stay competitive in this fast-changing world. With our sector and asset expertise, we can make the transition together as your funding partner for growth. Find out more:


En­er­gy tran­si­tion

The energy transition revolves around moving away from fossil fuels to decarbonise our energy system and move towards cleaner energy sources. Companies will have a big need for structured finance to help the whole energy network continue its transition to renewables. We’d love to be your financial partner on your way to a better future.

Transition together

Mo­bil­i­ty Tran­si­tion

The mobility and logistic transition is apparent across all sectors. Every sector includes people and goods moving around the world. We see both a growth of population and wealth, leading to even more goods and people being transported around the world. With our sector and asset expertise we can open up space for you and enable upcoming investments you need to do within this shift. 

Transition together

Dig­i­tal Tran­si­tion

The digital transition is driven by a structural change towards a digital world that is reinventing everything - all areas of a business and all sectors around us. Your company might also have an increased interest in digital services and data driven solution. We open up space to keep you staying relevant and successful.

Transition together

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