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CO2-reducing assets are a fast and effective way to make your business more sustainable. These include making your fleet more sustainable, installing solar panels on the roof of your warehouse or replacing fluorescent tubes with LED lighting. Are you ready for the transition? We're happy to help you finance sustainable assets.

At ABN AMRO Lease we would like to be your financial wingman. We can finance up to 100% of your investment, based on the economic lifespan of your asset. In this way, you can continue to invest in things that really matter. For today's challenges, and your plans for the future. We open up space for you to succeed!

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A sustainable future with the help of ABN AMRO Lease

We are investing in sustainable projects and a lot is happening here. The biggest saving is has been in replacing fluorescent tubes for LED lighting. That's a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Reinoud Lyppens

Thanks to the knowledge and know-how of the logistics sector presented by ABN AMRO Lease, we realised sustainable investment at very short notice.

Rob Opzeeland

Are you ready for the transition?

Yes I am