Mobility Transition

The mobility and logistic transition is apparent across all sectors. Every sector includes people and goods moving around the world. We see both a growth of population and wealth, leading to even more goods and people being transported around the world. We are growing towards even more dense and urbanised areas which face significant mobility challenges. There is an important trend in ownership versus usership which will result in large fleet owners.

This all causes huge challenges that businesses can’t ignore. Investments will need to be done, no matter if electrification, reducing fossil fuels or reducing waste of goods and packaging materials during transit by improving efficiencies between parties in the value chain. 

To stay competitive in this fast-changing world you will need the right funding with the right partner. As an asset-based finance provider and part of a huge bank we have experience in all the steps of the logistics value chain – through the air, over water or on the road.

With our sector and asset expertise we can open up space for you and enable upcoming investments you need to do within this shift. We would love to be your financial wingman on this revolutionary journey.

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